About The Planning and Law Division

The Planning and Law Division of the American Planning Association serves those with a professional or personal interest in the diverse legal issues that affect the planning profession. PLD’s membership includes attorneys, planners, students, and others. Most members are not lawyers, and a large percentage of members work in government.

PLD’s activities include:

• Daniel J. Curtin Fellowship: Competitive, academic year-long fellowship offered to planning and/or law students, who receive a stipend for PLD service

• Quarterly newsletter: Featuring topical articles on recent land-use cases, innovative legal techniques, and many division activities

• Bettman Symposium at APA National Conferences: Compelling sessions on relevant planning and law topics, eligible for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit

• Smith Babcock Williams Writing Competition: Annual writing competition open to law and planning students, with monetary prizes and the chance to publish in The Urban Lawyer

• Amicus Committee: PLD works with this APA committee to aid in the amicus curiae process for relevant appellate cases at all levels

• Resources: Online resources include notification of upcoming planning and law events, and summaries of major land use law cases

Joining the Planning and Law Division will allow you to become part of a network that includes nationally recognized leaders in the field of land use law, as well as hundreds of planners, lawyers, practitioners, and students interested in the diverse areas where planning and law intersect. In addition to participating in and helping to organize PLD events and networking opportunities at APA’s national conference, PLD members have access to announcements from the PLD leadership about upcoming events and other items of interest to the planning and law community. To learn more about joining the American Planning Association and the Planning and Law Division, visit APA’s website.